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We've helped thousands of homeowners learn about Mass Save financing and rebates. Call or message us now to learn about the process

Seashore Comfort Solutions is an active participant in the Mass Save Heat Pump Installer network. Being a trained heat pump installer, Seashore Comfort Solutions has access to exclusive heat pump rebates and heat loan financing through the Mass Save program. 


In 2023, Mass Save revised the requirements for rebates and Mass Save 0% heat loans.  All heat pump systems must be installed by a Mass Save Heat Pump installer to be eligible for Mass Save rebates, and/or Mass Save 0% heat loans.


If you’re not a customer of National Grid, Eversource, or Unitil, we will also check with your local municipalities to see if you’re eligible for rebates through your city or town. 


We apply for any applicable rebates through Mass Save and independent cities/towns for qualifying systems on your behalf and track the status of each rebate. 


It’s an important part of our customer service model. 

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Whole Home & Partial Home Rebate

Is your energy efficient heat pump on the list of qualified products?

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